Destination Wedding in Mexico

The Doty’s Perfect Wedding Day

OMG, folks! You are not going to believe the absolute magic that went down at Alexandra and Roger’s destination wedding in Mexico on November 18, 2022. I mean, pinch me because it was seriously a dream come true, and let me spill all the juicy details!

So, picture this: my goal was to conquer one destination elopement and an international wedding in a year. Guess what? Nailed it! I’m practically doing a victory dance because it was an epic success, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities that have come my way.

Now, let’s talk about my dear friend Alexandra. She got engaged in the most perfect way, surrounded by her fur babies, horse, and of course, her soon-to-be hubby, Roger. Cue the “awwws”! The girl knew from the get-go that she wanted to tie the knot in a place close to her heart. So, what did we do? Packed our bags and headed to Los Cabos, Mexico, where a cozy ranch awaited our wedding week shenanigans.

The Magic of the Day

Fast forward to the big day, and it was a whirlwind of DIY magic. Alexandra went full-on DIY queen, crafting her own floral bouquet and boutonnieres for the dapper dudes. I kicked things off with the details – rings, veils, killer wedding heels, and a necklace that had me drooling. The sun was shining brighter than my future, but hey, it worked like a charm, especially with those distant mountains adding a touch of magic.

Getting ready pics kicked off, and guess what? I even played hairstylist for the day, curling Alexandra’s locks like a pro. Because, you know, as photographers, we wear all the hats – quite literally! Makeup, check. Groom photos, check. And can we talk about the gift exchange? Roger got a tie featuring their doggos – cute, right? But wait, he had sneaky photos of the pups ready to rock the ceremony. Cue the heart explosion!

The Ceremony

After Alexandra slipped into her stunning gown, we went for a heart-melting first look with her dad, followed by a ceremony that had tears flowing like Niagara Falls. The joy post-“I do” was palpable, and we snapped away capturing all the feels, views, and colors that made it a visual feast.

As the sun dipped low, we hightailed it to a rocky spot for golden hour magic. Seriously, it was like stepping into a fairytale. Family pics, check. Epic newlywed portraits, double-check. They even climbed a big rock to pose with a tree – talk about goals!

But here’s the kicker: just before dinner, as the sun was saying its goodbyes, we headed to the other side of the ranch for an impromptu pool plunge in full wedding attire. Flashing lights, epic vibes – and yes, I’m totally here for it! They slipped into something comfy for dinner, cut the cake, sipped homemade margaritas, and had the most delightful chats.

And there you have it, the wedding saga of Alexandra and Roger in Mexico – a day filled with love, laughter, and a splash-worthy finale! 🎉✨ #DestinationWeddingGoals #EpicLoveInMexico