Somehow i fell into this wild and beautiful world of photography. without it, i don't know who i would be. this passion of mine has carried me for over 9 years. (where did the time GO!?) it's been there through the growing pains of life and through every single milestone. most of my adventures and motivation to live life with things that set your soul on fire is based in photography and the people that have come through my life with it. 

I'm a huge advocate for traditional and attainable real-life moments. the world is unbelievably fast paced these days. the saying an old-soul? that is me, 100%.  i make it a pact to have a photoshoot with my boys at least once a year. we will never be in this moment, in this this exact way, ever again. photographs help to preserve and create new memories. ones that you can cherish, print and hold close to your heart. 

To make the time to take the damn picture and be better off for it. 

Diving a little deeper into my life: 

My boys are my entire world, currently. 
Ryder (1.5) is a chocolate labrador retriever and
 it's pretty often you'll find him riding shotgun
on the way to a session. Molasses Brown is a 9 year old off the track racehorse. i've had him for over 4 years now and he is my biggest muse. 

I work hard for these two. they've taught me a lot about being selfless, unconditional love and so much patience. i think that over the year this has channeled so deeply into my work and i am forever grateful to    these two. they keep me grounded and inspired to live and love unapologetically.. 

I think that when i'm not creating and meeting ya'll - i fall into a deep depression only to be awaken again when more photo magic ensues. (okay, fine - that was a little bit dramatic, but some truth to it)

As much as there is Pinterest and Instagram holding millions of picture perfect images - at the end of the day life is a little bit more messy and chaotic. these moments, your authenticity and your life story is so special and unique to you and i want to tap in to find that story and create with you something you're able to hold close to your heart. 

Whether it is a wedding, couples session, self-care portrait photoshoot - i don't really care the reason, all i know is that i want to capture your soul and find the spark that lights your fucking soul on fire. i want to document these moments for you that when you look at your photos, you can place yourself back in your day and hour we took the photos and feel warmth and happiness spread from your head to the your toes. 

let's do this

to feel it all

let me tell your story

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