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for those wildly in love with life

photography has been my lifeline since 6th grade and this business has been my baby for over 8 years. i genuinely don't know what else i would do with my life, this is my calling!

my first priority is showing up for every client and spending time getting to know your story and what makes your soul light on fire. who is down for a new adventure of exploring. 

this photographer is for those whose spirits cannot be tamed by the mediocrity of this world. who find dancing in the golden hour light incomparable. who love themselves fully and want to share goodness with others. who are inspired by love stories and find themselves in one… 

i'm liz!

my life mantra: do what you love and love what you do

i take my mantra not only in this business, but in every single thing i do. life is way too short to not be finding things that make your soul radiate with energy and love. it's my why and motivation to serve you to the best of my ability and show up ready to celebrate whatever moment we're documenting. i want to be your friend, not just another vendor! someone you can text with any questions you need about your session, sending outfits over or asking photo locations. send me funny reels on instagram and chat about allll the things. 

who i am

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when i'm not photographing special moments, you can easily find me hanging with my boys: Molasses Brown and Ryder. Molasses is an 8 year old off the track racehorse that i've been retraining for the horse show life. he's my therapist and best friend who i've known since he was 4! Ryder is my chocolate lab puppy who is the sweetest and best adventure buddy, ever. it was super impromptu to get him and i don't regret it in the slightest. 

i have a fondness for red wines and whiskeys, black iced coffees and soaking up the sun. intellectual deep conversations are needed to keep me going and my daily bible studies keep my faith grounded. 

i actually despise social media and if it weren't for this business, i would delete all the apps. i enjoy face to face time so much more than chatting over text or email and value being able to share real emotions. 

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for those wildly in love with life

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every moment is important

from the senior year to couples photos, engagements and weddings...

let's capture yours

capturing vibrant, bold and beautiful imagery is what helps preserve these monumental moments in your life. in typical fashion, i find images that can be printed and showcased on your wall bring a sentimental value that social media posts do not bring.



having your photos done can seem daunting, but i guarantee you'll feel otherwise.

i pride myself in providing a seamless photo experience. there's nothing better than hearing "i had so much fun" at the end of a session where there may have been anxiety beforehand. photos are supposed to be fun and they are when you show up ready to let me work my magic! 

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invest in the moment

because this can be you, too!

"Liz's personality is a beautiful as her photos. As a photographer, Liz was expertly professional. She did not miss a single worthy moment, and she knew exactly what kind of photos and where to take them. Seriously, anyone that can pose Bryan and I to not look awkward in photos has a gift from God. As a person, Liz could not be more wonderful, we had so much fun with her taking photos and just being a part of our wedding. We wanted a photographer who we felt like we would have invited if we had already knew them, and we got that. We are so thankful we found Liz."

Kaylyn + Bryan

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